Meatless Monday Mania: Meat Free Mondays

meatless monday mania

Although I’m a meatless Monday through Sunday kind of guy, I think that removing meat from your diet even one day a week is a great way to improve your health and combat the impact of livestock farming.  Meatless Monday was founded in 2003 as part of the Healthy Monday initiative.

Healthy Monday encourages Americans to make healthier decisions at the start of every week.  The idea is that making healthy choices at the beginning of the week (Mondays) will lead to better choices throughout the week.  It’s well-known that weekends can present obstacles for people trying to stay on a diet. 

Dining out with friends and family at a restaurant that serves the “best cheeseburgers” might present a problem for those who struggle with temptation.  Going meat-free on Mondays can help get you back on track, forgetting about the weekend and beginning anew.

[The wastefulness of animal food production is easy to picture when we find out that it takes 35 calories to produce every calorie of beef consumed. On the other hand, it only takes three calories of energy to produce one calorie of plant-based food]

Enjoying a Vegan Diet is.. enjoyable!

Another great thing about having a meatless day of the week is that you get to see what it’s like to enjoy a vegan plant-based diet.  Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try a vegan or vegetarian diet but didn’t want to commit to it for the long haul. 

Or, maybe you have a friend who adheres to a vegan lifestyle and you want to see how they do it.Give it a shot next Monday (or any day of the week) and see how you do. You may be surprised at how enjoyable and refreshing a diet full of legumes, seeds, beans, fruits, and veggies can be. 

There are tons of delicious and satisfying recipes out there that will please even the pickiest meat-eaters.  In fact, there are several in the menu up above. 

You could give one of these plant-based options a try tonight!

Vegan Recipe Sites:

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