Raw Fruit Detox (Day 2 Recap)

Another day in the books over here on Fruitopia (land of succulent fructose).  There’s so much to cover today that I want to jump right into the middle of it all.  For starters, I’ve officially been caffeine-free for 48 hours.  That is amazing!  I have been using my hot herbal teas to get me through the hard times, but I’m sticking to mostly water at this point.  I’ve also learned to cook raw (under 115 degrees).  This means that I can cook some fruits without officially breaking Rule #4 , which states, “No cooking (keep it raw).”  This is great when avocados are fruit!  You would probably rather have pictures with these words, so let’s get into what I fixed!

Beginning Weight: 142 lbs
Weight Loss:  4 lbs

Breakfast: Smoothie
1 ring of pineapple
1 medium tomato
1/2 avocado
1 white plum
3 black figs
1 grannysmith apple
1/2 cup red grapes (frozen)
1/2 cup berry medley (frozen)
total: $3.79
3 slices of Cantaloupe
1 large Ruby Red Grapefruit
total: $3.00
Post-Run Drink
“Pomodoro Punch”
                  Grab this delicious recipe here
                                  total:  $2.00
Dinner: Avocado Soup
2 avocados
2 medium green apples
1 tsp kosher salt
total:  $2.20
Stay tuned for a heavily revised copy of this recipe!

I also had several other pieces throughout the day which did not earn themselves a picture.  They included 2 slices of cantaloupe, 1/2 an avocado, and 4 bananas.  I would estimate the cost of them to be no more than $2.40.  So let’s see how much the Grand Total for Day 2 was.

Day 2 Total Price:  $13.39

Not bad.  I can certainly afford to eat for under $14 a day.  Couldn’t you?

Today, I will be experimenting more with raw soup recipes.  I have learned that avocados are not only delicious, but necessary for maintaining weight on a fruit-based diet.  I will be incorporating more of them into my meals from here on out.  Thanks for checking in on me and I look forward to giving you another update tomorrow!  Have a great Hump Day!


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