Raw Fruit Detox (Day 4 Recap)

Yesterday, I was amazed that I had made it 3 days on nothing but fruit.  Today (with 4 days down), I can say that I have become a natural fruitarian.  I walk into the grocery store and head straight to the produce section, targeting my beloved fruits.  It’s almost scary, how easily I can adapt to a diet!  I’m not saying that I’d give up veggies, cause I wouldn’t.  That would be ridiculous.  But I am learning a lot about myself this week.  Perhaps, I’m really learning about all of us.  It wasn’t that long ago that I ate the Standard American Diet (SAD).  I thought that we were predestined to eat hotdogs and hamburgers, chased down by a big glass of cold milk.  Besides, that’s what being American is all about, right?

But no, here I am on Day 5 of an all-fruit cleanse, detoxifying my body from the harmful chemicals of the world.  My old self would have some words with me, I’m sure.  Luckily, I saved his life by switching to a plant-based diet, so he owes me one.  And I’m feeling better today than I have in a while.  So let’s get into some highlights from Day 3 to see what crazy combinations I came up with!

Beginning Weight:  141 lbs.
Weight Loss:  1 lb.

Peach Banana Smoothie (recipe here)
Garlicky Tomato Soup (recipe here)
Orange Fruit Smoothie (recipe here)

As you can see, I got a little carried away with the citrus fruits today.  I shouldn’t get a cold for about… I don’t know… a year or three!  I also went for a run to see how my body would perform on my fruit fuel.  I’ve been off my feet for a while, due to Foot Drop Syndrome.  I injured a nerve (peroneal) in my right leg which has caused that foot to drop.  Basically, it’s numb from the knee down.  This has minimized my running, to say the least.  But I felt good today and really wanted to see what it was like to run on fruit.  I was able to log six miles, and did so in pretty decent time (considering my situation).  Below, are my splits.

It would appear that a fruit-based diet has not hindered my running.  In fact, it may have helped.  That was the longest run I’ve done in 2 weeks!  This makes me wonder how important it really is to fuel up on carbohydrates before a race.  I’ll probably still do it, but this information is worth noting.

Well, it’s on to Day 5.  It’s hard to believe that my “7 Days of Raw Fruit” is already half-way through.  I still have some time to come up with some more great recipes though.  Stay tuned and I’ll be back tomorrow with some more delicious treats for you all!

Day 3 Recap

Day 5 Recap

Tomatoes Picture courtesy: http://incredi.deviantart.com

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