What is a Raw Food Vegan?

Unless you’re an Eskimo, you’ve most likely heard of Veganism. You know, those people from the planet Vega who always push their worldly views on you?  Obviously I’m joking (being a vegan myself).  Veganism is a lifestyle that people choose for a number of different reasons – from environmental issues to health improvements. Vegans thrive on a varied diet of plant-based foods, excluding all animal and animal-based ingredients: meat, eggs, cheese, milk, and honey.  But some vegans are taking their nutrition to the next level, eating their food in its rawest form.  We call this “Raw Veganism”.

Raw Veganism is a combination of veganism and raw foodism.  According to raw vegans, cooking food past 118° F (48° C) breaks down the complex balance of micronutrients in plants.  These precious nutrients are what we depend on to flourish and maintain a strong and healthy body.  They also believe that during the process of cooking, dangerous chemicals are produced when the heat interacts with fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

The importance of vitamins and minerals in a raw food diet is of extreme importance.  Therefore, these vegans typically prepare their meals themselves so that they know how it was cooked and processed.  Raw vegans don’t necessarily eat a completely raw diet, though.  Most eat 70-80% raw foods and cook the rest.

As the raw vegan movement has grown, so have the number of resources for vegans looking for raw food recipes.  One such resource is a site called This Rawsome Vegan Life created by the beautiful Emily (Em) von Euw.  Em not only provides delicious raw food recipes, but has turned her recipes into works of art.  You can get lost on her site for hours just looking through the pictures of her stunning creations.  She also has a cookbook coming out in March of 2014 which is a must-have for any raw food vegan.  Visit her blog today and show this “rawsome” vegan some love!

Are you a raw vegan?  What made you decide to begin eating raw foods?  Please tell us below! Recently, I took on a 7-Day Raw Fruit Detox which allowed me to see what it was like to eat completely raw foods for an entire week.  During that week, I felt energized and connected with the world around me like never before.  I have since added more raw foods to my diet, enjoying the many benefits that come along with it.  I encourage you to explore the world of raw veganism and see what it can do for you!

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