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15 Irresistible Vegan Smoothies

6. Orange, Banana, Kale

7. Pink Chia Power

#SOTD smoothie of the day ?
1 whole banana
10-12 lg frozen blackberries
Frozen coconut shavings
EAS Soy Protein powder
Chia Seed Paste** (I tried to make pudding for my first time last night, didn’t put enough liquid, its like a paste…but its delicious)
Coconut milk
This one made me feel sooooo good today. Its the chia seeds. I know it! Its only my second day eating them and I can feel a difference already. Aside from this smoothie thing im doing, I also scheduled some more distance Reiki with a good friend. I can’t stress how important it is to have all your chakras aligned and moving, and I can feel my sacral chakra clogging up again….i carry around so much hurt and pain. It knocks everything out of whack over time. Im just now, after all this time, trying to unblock myself and start over spiritually and mentally. Im hopeful for this though ? hopeful and grateful and blessed. I see that a lot of the right people are being put in my path, and a lot of things keep showing me im on the right path. Im reconnecting with the side of me that I thought was long gone….my intuition and compassion and vibrations. My time has come ???? #smoothierecipe #healthydrink #foodadventure #lifejourney #journeytoabetterself #fruitsandveggies #chiaseeds #chiapower!

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8. Tropical Tumeric

This Tropical Turmeric Smoothie is packed with anti-inflammatory power! Recipe #ontheblog today ? A photo posted by Kelsey (@aslolife) on

9. Banana, Blueberry, Date

10. Green Smoothie Bowl

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