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7 Top Asian Travel Destinations for Vegans

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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  Bali itself is a vegan friendly island. However, the small town of Ubud is like a plant based oasis. Vegan restaurants, activities and lifestyle are the norm in this town and there will be so many vegan options available to you that you might feel overwhelmed. Just within the main part of town, every street is likely to have at least one vegan restaurant and if plant based eating isn’t the theme, the menu will almost always have a section for non-meat eaters. Not only is vegan Balinese food available, but the chefs around Ubud get crafty with vegan friendly creations. Cakes, cookies, smoothies, sandwiches and soups, you can pretty much find a meat and dairy free version of all of your favorites from home too. Looking to take some recipes home with you? There are plenty of vegan cooking classes available as well.      

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