Top Vegan Sources of Iron

Experienced vegans know that the vegan diet only contains non-heme iron and should be aware of what foods are giving them iron to avoid deficiencies. Eating a wide variety of plant based foods will give you the recommended intake of iron to not have to worry. Here is a list of the top vegan iron sources:

Vegan Sources of Iron

The Best Vegan Sources of Iron Infographic Summary


Fruits and Veggies mg/cup
Apricot, dehydrated 7.51
Heart of palm, canned 4.57
Potatoes, baked, skin 4.08
Swiss chard, cooked 3.95
Peas 3.84
Raisins 3.10
Figs 3.02
Mushrooms, white 2.71
Spinach 2.70
Avocado 1.04
Kale 1.0

Beans mg/cup
Soybeaks 8.84
Tofu 6.65
White Beans 6.62
Lentins 6.59
Black Turtle 5.27
Kidney 5.20
Chickpeas 4.74
Adzuki 4.60
Lima 4.49
Tempeh 4.48

Nuts and Seeds mg/cup
Pumpkin 11.38
Sunflower seeds 9.13
Cashews 8.22
Almonds 5.78
Hazelnuts 5.40
Chestnuts 5.24
Pistachios 4.96
Macadamia Nuts 4.94
Walnuts 3.40
Brazil nuts 3.23
Pecans 2.76

Grains mg/cup
Amaranth 5.17
Buckwheat 3.74
White rice 2.77
Quinoa 2.76
Barley 2.09
Oat bran 1.93
Bulgur 1.75
Wheat Pasta 1.52
Millet 1.10
Brown Rice 1.03

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