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After all the fun and information we shared last Sunday, I’m even more excited to see what this week brings!  I would like to thank everyone who showed up, especially those who aren’t on a completely plant-based diet.  If I learned anything from last Sunday, it’s that omnivores and herbivores can mingle; and do so in a fun way!  A big thanks goes out to ENERGYbits for sponsoring our first chat.  As always, they are a joy to talk to and work with.  They also gave away free Energybits to a lucky winner.  Congrats to Jamie Johnson who will soon be powered by bits!  If you’d like to try ENERGYbits, you can use couponcode: EVELINRUNS for 15% off your purchase of any bits from their site.

Here’s what some folks had to say following last Sunday’s chat:

I was completely blown away by the turnout for our first ever #VegRunChat.  It wouldn’t surprise me if next week brings even more runners to the conversation.  Please help me in spreading the word.  You can do so by simply using the #VegRunChat hashtag throughout the week when tweeting about your fitness activities, food, blog posts, etc.

This Week

This week we’ve got another great company helping us with the chat: Amrita with their Plant-Based Nutrition Bars.  Amrita not only knows plant-based energy, but how to get this energy from raw ingredients that are easily digestible.  When comparing Amrita’s bars to the competition, you’ll notice that they don’t contain whey or soy protein.  Amrita understands that these highly acidic foods should be avoided, especially for those with an active lifestyle.

Why no Whey or Soy Protein?  

Whey is an industrial waste product from the cheese-making industry that has been known to cause significant digestion issues. Additionally, soy protein isolate has been shown to adversely impact thyroids, fertility, hormones, digestion, and even potentially contribute to the development of certain cancers. Yes, it is vegan, but there are much better alternatives, such as raw, vegan brown rice protein – which boasts a complete amino acid profile exceptionally high in Glutamine, Argentine, Lysine, Luecine, and branch chain amino acids.

Arshad (founder of Amrita) realized that using brown rice protein and organic dried fruits—such as tropical mangoes, pineapples, and Mejdool dates—together with a rich blend of raw organic sunflower seeds and sesame seeds would provide essential proteins and fats without the added allergens of nuts, dairy, and soy.

To really separate Amrita from other energy bars on the market, they pack each bar full of Superfoods such as organic chia seeds, organic maca, and organic unsweetened coconut. These key ingredients fuel the endurance athletes in all of us.

Chat Prizes from Amrita

Amrita wants to share their plant-powered love by offering not one… not two… but three prizes this Sunday night!  The first two are variety packs (6 bars) of their delicious and powerful energy bars.  The third prize is a stylish and comfortable running singlet which comes in men and women specific designs (pictured to the left). You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to win any of these great prizes!


If you just can’t wait, head over to Amrita and place an order using the code: vegrunchat to receive 20% off.  Code is good through October 11th.

How to Win 

Entering to win is extremely simple.  Just send out a tweet before Sunday night at 9:30pm to be entered to win.  We assign each entry a number, then use to select a winner.  So here’s the tweet you need to send out by Sunday night (Fill in the blank and keep tags):

I want @Amritabars to fuel my ___ . Fill Blank & RT to Win! Info  #VegRunChat #Runchat #WinBars

Note: Valid for U.S. participants only. 

That’s it.  Now get to tweeting and we’ll see you awesome people on Sunday night at 9PM EST.  Have a great week and remember to use the #VegRunChat hashtag with all of your tweets!

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